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Steve Charles, MD Wins Sir Harold Ridley Innovator Award

Friday, April 27, 2012

Last night the eleventh Sir Harold Ridley Distinguished Visiting Professorship for Creativity & Innovation in Medicine & Ophthalmology was presented to Steve Charles, MD in the Freeman Auditorium at the University of Tennessee Memphis, Hamilton Eye Institute.

The Ridley Medal was conceived by Dr. Jerre Freeman, an esteemed member of the Biosyntrx Scientific Advisory Board.   Spencer Thornton, MD, the Biosyntrx President / Chief Medical Officer,  was the Master of Ceremonies for this event.
Steve Charles, MD

Dr. Charles is the Founding  Director of the Charles Retina Institute, as well as Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Hamilton eye Institute UT Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee.   He has developed many of the techniques and devices used by all vitreoretinal surgeons.
He is a doctor without borders. He has lectured in 41 countries and delivered 14 named lectures. His career also includes over 26,000 vitreoretinal surgeries. 

Dr. Charles is the author of Vitreoretinal  Microsurgry, a leading textbook in the field, which is now in its fifth edition and published in five languages. 

He has written / published over 140 medical articles and 44 book chapters.  He is on the editorial board of Retina, and a reviewer for Ophthalmology, Archives of Ophthalmology, American Journal of Ophthalmology, British Journal of Ophthalmology, and other peer-reviewed journals.
In addition to his medical career, Dr. Charles is also a mechanical and electrical engineer, holding 103 issued patents or patents pending. He is a consultant for Alcon Laboratories and the principal architect of the Alcon Accurus and the Alcon Constellation Vision System. Dr. Charles also founded MicroDexterity Systems, developing robots for dexterity enhancement in minimally invasive knee and hip replacement, spine surgery, and skull base neurosurgery.

Dr. Charles has received many honors and awards throughout his career, including the Wacker Medal from the Club Jules Gonin, the first Founders Medal from the Vitreous Society, and induction into the University Of Miami School Of Hall of Fame. Ocular Surgery News named him as one of the top ten innovators in the past 25 years, and Becker's ASC Review named him as one of their “34 Best Ophthalmologists in America.” 

Ellen Troyer, MT MA
Biosyntrx CEO / Chief Research Officer


Again, creativity and innovation are hard. Trust no one who tells you differently.  There is nothing easy about turning dreams into reality . . .or turning ideas into profitable and tangible things.  Those who share a positive view of the power of creativity and innovation do not question the vagaries that result from the belief that an idea can chance the world.  This describes the ophthalmologists who have been awarded the University of Tennessee Sir Harold Ridley Distinguished Visiting Professorship for Creativity and Innovation in Ophthalmology. 

We are proud to announce that three of the Biosyntrx Scientific Advisory Board Members have been honored with the Sir Harold Ridley, Ophthalmic Innovator Award. They include: Spencer Thornton, MD, 2001, Randall Olson, MD 2006, and Daniele Aron-Rosa, MD, 2008.