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Consider The Lillies

Sunday, April 01, 2018

According  to Apple Seeds, a website devoted to inspirational and motivational quotes that promote positive attitudes, and development of holistic human dignity, "The beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope, and life, representing the essence of Easter Sunday."

The video above features the awesome Mormen Tabernacle Choir singing our favorite Easter song "Consider the Lilies," written by Robert Hoffman. It speaks to their graceful beauty, just the way they are.

History, mythology, literature, poetry, and the world of art are rife with stories and images that speak to the beauty and majesty of these elegant flowers. Often called the “white-robed apostles of hope,” lilies were reportedly found growing in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ’s agony.

Tradition has it that the beautiful white lilies sprung up where drops of Christ’s sweat fell to the ground in his final hours of sorrow and deep  distress. Churches continue this tradition at Easter time by banking their altars and surrounding their crosses with masses of Easter lilies, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hope of life everlasting."

The following poem by Louise Lewin Matthews captures the spiritual essence of the Easter lilies:

Easter morn with lilies fair
Fills the church with perfumes rare,
As their clouds of incense rise,
Sweetest offerings to the skies.
Stately lilies pure and white
Flooding darkness with their light,
Bloom and sorrow drifts away,
On this holy hallow’d day.
Easter Lilies bending low
in the golden afterglow,
Bear a message from the sod
To the heavenly towers of God.

Happy Easter!

Ellen Troyer with Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff


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