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The Intersection of Science, Art, Music & Humanities

A Bipartisan Humanitarian Plea

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Children and young adults all over our country who have not felt safe in their schools for a number of years are telling the public that now is exactly the time to discuss guns and eminently reasonable controls.

Today’s Sunday Morning Stop at the Intersection of Science, Art, Music and Humanities is a plea for the safety of our our precious young people who deserve so much more from our country than they are getting.

History and data matters to our young people demanding action

According to the CDC and the US State Department, between 2001 and 2014, there were 3,043 people killed in acts of terrorism. During the same time period, there were 440,095 deaths by firearms in our country.

Published 2014 CDC data on firearm mortality per 100,000 total population for each state suggests that on average, 35,000 lives are lost annually in our country due to accidental or reactive emotionally charged decisions to use a gun. Fifty percent of firearm related deaths seem to be linked to suicide. Unfortunately, this is the most recent data available since the CDC is no longer instructed or allowed to collect and publish gun violence data.

The ongoing bottom line from the data we have: we are more than one hundred times more likely to take our own lives, or to be killed by a known criminal with a gun, or an accidental shooting by a family member or friend than by southern border legal or illegal immigrants, or faith-driven Islamic terrorists.

Our respectful bipartisan thoughts

Based on the history and data above and what has happened in our country the first seven weeks of 2018: let’s hope some brave elected representatives who refuse to continue to be bought, will finally stand up and move legislation forward to ban all assault* weapon sales to the general public, and will require gun registration and safety training before any sale, and will vote to prevent gun purchases by those under the age of 21, those diagnosed with mental instability, mental illness, or suicidal tendencies, a record of felony conviction, and all those with a record of domestic violence.

Our hearts are breaking over who and what our country has become, and we send our deepest and sincere condolences to the families of the innocent children killed or physically and emotionally injured by young  American males with guns in the deplorable number of school shootings in our country in the first seven weeks of 2018.

Since so many of our elected officials are doing nothing to stop the madness, we can only suspect that so far, enough is still not enough for politicians on both sides of the aisle funded by unidentified "dark money" and the NRA.

They should know that enough is enough for us, the beyond heartbroken and fed up bipartisan public with the power to vote them out of office. Our precious collective children and grandchildren living in daily fear deserve no less.

Ellen Troyer, with Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff

Biosyntrx strongly believes that appreciation, exploration, education and commitment to science, art, music, and humanities add significantly to the global greater good and are important parts of the intellectual whole.

*Assault weapons include semi-automatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition designed and configured for rapid fire and combat use.