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The Intersection of Science, Art, Music & Humanities

Spring and Apollo's Fire

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.  —Plato

Celebrating spring with background baroque chamber music that includes Vivaldi is a must in our offices. We all agree it stimulates creativity, particularly on those early season beautiful days that require extra concentration and commitment to mission.

Research from Johns Hopkins School of Education reveals that baroque music pulses between 50 and 80 beats per minute, which stabilizes mental, physical and emotional rhythms to attain a state of deep concentration and focus, allowing large amounts of content information to be processed and learned. 

Alpha brainwaves originate from the occipital lobe during these periods of relaxation, and scholars have proven that it helps release stressors that might otherwise impede creativity.


For this Sunday Morning Stop at the Intersection of Science, Art, Music and Humanities, we chose to feature a brilliant recording group, the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra, Apollo's Fire and their beautifully performed Antonio Vivaldi's  "La Primavera (Spring). It never fails to renew the soul.


Who says American early music bands can't play European music? European friends who truly love baroque music, now refer to Apollo's Fire as American bohemian chic, maverick energy and superlative music making.


The London-based Classical Music magazine called Apollo's Fire, The U.S.A.'s hottest baroque band

We think that's cool. 

Happy Sunday!

Ellen Troyer, with Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff 

Biosyntrx strongly believes that appreciation, exploration and commitment to science, art, music and humanities add significantly to the global greater good and are important parts of the intellectual whole.