About Us

Core Values

Sustainability and Impact Matters!

Biosyntrx subscribes to core values that "Start With Why." Identifying corporate Why, How and What commitment to the sustainability of life on a healthy planet is proving to be far more grounded in the biology of human decision-making than once thought. Why is normally science-driven for us,

Our Why, How and What goals are to inspire individuals and organizations to join us in our global quest to improve overall quality of life and the health of our planet for this and future generations.

Q: Why do we do what we do?
A:  We believe in being science difference-makers. We are passionately committed to doing everything we can to encourage healthy lifestyle choices that lower the science-proven risk of mostly preventable degenerative diseases, as well as the global public and private financial burden associated with preventable disease. We are here to help improve lives through the three pillars of health: 

1. Healthy sustainable diets 
2. Science-based, safe, effective and sustainable nutritional supplements
3. Exercise and physical and mental fitness

Q. How do we do what we do?
A. We actively support professional cross talk. We educate and sponsor other educators who teach and provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) or COPE-approved nutrition science courses, as well as those who teach the public about humanity and the proven benefits of healthy, sustainable lifestyles and avoiding nutritional deficiencies that increase the risk of degenerative disease. 

Q. What do we do?
A. We meticulously and critically monitor nutrition science research design and outcome. We research, develop and market safe, science-based and biochemically balanced eye and body health nutritional supplements that include the best raw ingredients available. We manufacturer in a NSF, GMP certified facility to insure our products contain what the label claims. 

Mission Statement

Make the best products available. Cause no harm.

Biosyntrx will focus on increasing public awareness on the vital role lifestyle choices play in maintaining health and ageing successfully. This includes making nutrient-dense food choices, supplementing with well-designed multiple vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, being passionate about something that contributes to the greater good, protecting Mother Earth, maintaining good relationships with friends and family, and exercising to stay physically and mentally fit. 

Ellen Troyer, with Spencer Thornton, MD, and the Biosyntrx staff