Support for Dry Eyes

  • Invented by a women-led science team passionately determined to support ocular surface health
  • Biochemically balanced natural ingredients that support fatty acid metabolism and the structure and function of all three layers of the tear film.
  • Millions of doses safely used by satisfied repeat customers
  • Manufactured to FDA Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
  • 60-day full money back guarantee
  • You have nothing to lose but your dry eyes. 
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BioTears First - the healthy tear film standard of care.

Designed by a woman-led research team that opened the doors for dry eye nutritional therapy in 1998. BioTears systemically address the structure / function cause and effects of ocular surface moisture production and is  methodically redesigned when sufficient nutrition science dictates. It is made in a NSF, GMP registered facility. 

It's suggested in peer-reviewed literature that these specific nutrients support normal structure / function production of lubricants in other affected parts of the body, such as mucous membranes of the mouth and vagina, and interior body surfaces such as joints and synovial membranes.

We recommend you scroll up and visit the BioTears Ingredient Scientific Rationale link for more information.

Recommended dosage: Four oral capsules per-day; two with each morning and evening meal.

Precautions: Coumadin patients should consult their primary care physician when taking this formulation. Pregnant or lactating women, or individuals with medical conditions should also consult a physician before using.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, or treat any disease.

BioTears Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) Ingredient Rationale

Artificial tears flush out debris, dilute substances trapped in the tear film, and increase tear clearance. They do not, however, support all the factors critical for the maintenance and repair of the ocular surface, nor do they address tear film structure and function or the supporting role it plays in visual acuity.

Oral administration of specific omega 6 essential fatty acids that contain sufficient amounts of gamma-linolenic-acid (GLA) support ocular surface and tear film health. We use Black Currant Seed Oil as our source of omega 6 GLA because it is more stable than either Borage Oil or Evening Primrose Oil. We do not use Flax Seed Oil because it is the most unstable of the essential fatty acid oils, and the small amount of Omega-6 fatty acids it includes does not easily convert to gamma linolenic acid (GLA). 

The nutrient co-factors included in BioTears Oral Gel Caps support normal production of lubricants in the eyes and other affected parts of the body, such as mucous membranes of the mouth and vagina, and interior body surfaces such as joints and synovial membranes. (4)

In developing a tear-specific formula for oral administration, Biosyntrx included the nutrient co-factors that support structure / function of lubricant production by physiologic rather than pharmacological means. These nutrient ingredients are designed to work synergistically rather than individually.

Essential fatty acid mechanism of action metabolic chart removed to meet FDA-monitored federal regulations.

Omega 6 fatty acids convert to the series one prostaglandins (PGE)1 via the linoleic-acid (LA) to gamma-linolenic-acid (GLA) to dihomo-gamma-linolenic-acid (DGLA) to PGE1. To help ensure this science-based conversion, we included the nutrient co-factors, vitamins A, C, B6, and magnesium. The delta-six-desaturase (D6D) enzyme necessary for this conversion is too easily disrupted by alcohol, aging, smoking, elevated cholesterol levels, and environmental factors without these additional nutrient co-factors, which are also suggested to modulate healthy goblet cell production and neurotransmitter blink response.

Pharmaceutical grade cod liver oil, as a source of Omega 3 EPA/DHA is germane to the formulation. It serves as a health-promoting metabolic gateway boost to the downstream conversion of the Omega 3 to the anti-inflammatory PGE3.

Vitamin E, specifically gamma tocopherols, stabilizes the EFAs.

Curcumin is included to support ocular surface health.

Vitamin C, as ascorbic acid and fat-soluble absorbyl palmitate,supports fatty acid metabolism.

Lactoferrin  supports structure / function levels of iron binding proteins that support inhibition of viral and bacterial biofilm formation, as well as supporting other tear lipocalins (family of proteins that transport small hydrophobic molecules that support modulation of the surface tension of the tear film that can affect the comfort of the contact lens wearer.

Background: Lactoferrin is naturally produced in the tear film by neutrophils that constitute the "first line of defense" against invading pathogens. Neutrophil apoptosis (programmed cell death) signals the macrophage to clean up debris from wound sites, including surgically induced wounds (LASIK).

Green Tea is included to support ocular surface health.


The bibliography citations are no longer available on this website. This is to meet FDA-monitored regulations that prevent supplement companies from presenting educational peer-reviewed science from the U.S. National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine to help both the medical professional and the general public understand the vast amount of published science supporting the rational inclusion of specific nutrients in multiple vitamin formulation. The bibliographic citations are still available in the Biosyntrx office for health care professionals. 

If you view this as a possible government "Freedom of Information Act" issue, we recommend graciously contacting your elected state representatives and voicing your opinion.