Friday Pearl

St. Mary's Falls Trail- Colorado Springs, CO

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The Biosyntrx VP of Operations, David Amess, is an avid hiker, runner and advocate of staying physically fit at every age.  David and two of his friends did the gorgeous St. Mary's Falls trail on Sunday, July  20th.   David's commitment to physical fitness and full body health inspires many, including the whole Biosyntrx team. 


The 9.2 mile round-trip to the top of St. Mary's Falls trail in the Cheyenne Mountain Canyon area has an elevation gain of approximately 2,000 feet. Cheyenne Canyon, like many high-altitude places, never fails to surprise hikers with the near-instant solitude found in less than one hundred feet up any given trail. This particular one is very special since the waterfall at the top and the views of Colorado Springs are spectacular.  Although the trail is ranked "medium", I'm told by David and others that a few sections near the top kick but, and will stretch everyone quads, hamstrings, and lungs. 

Ellen Troyer
Biosyntrx CEO / Chief Research Officer