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Sunday Sonnets

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Though it is not known who actually wrote the Vivaldi Four Seasons sonnets, there is a theory that he wrote them himself because the sonnets are broken down into sections, corresponding to each movement in the four concertos, which never fail to evoke something seasonally special for so many of us.



Allegro non molto

Under a hard Season, fired up by the Sun
Languishes man, languishes the flock and burns the pine
We hear the cuckoo's voice; then sweet songs of the turtledove and finch are heard.

Soft breezes stir the air... but threatening north wind sweeps them suddenly aside.
The shepherd trembles, fearing violent storms and his fate.

Adagio e piano - Presto e forte

The fear of lightning and fierce thunder
Robs his tired limbs of rest
As gnats and flies buzz furiously around.


Alas, his fears were justified
The Heavens thunders and roar and with hail
Cuts the head off the wheat and damages the grain.


We hope you enjoy this performance from the National Botanical Gardens of Wales: Julia Fisher on violin, accompanied by the brilliant Academy of St. Martin in the Fields chamber orchestra.  

Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday Morning Stop at the Biosyntrx Intersection of Science, Art, Music and Humanities.


Ellen Troyer, with Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff