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Mid-December Thoughts

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Music should enrich the soul; it should teach spirituality by showing a person a portion of himself that he would not discover otherwise.    ~Bill Evans

As we approach another end of year, our thoughts tend to linger around achievements, failures, and resolutions to do and be better. I suppose nothing ever achieves absolute perfection, but Bill Evans performing his harmonic magic with this timeless Leonard Bernstein tune comes very, very close.


His phrasing never fails to work its way into my head like an earworm that stays for days and won't let go. It seems particularly appropriate for the last Sunday of 2018, since many of us resolved this past week to not let the state of union get us down eat healthy, exercise more, cherish our friends and family, nurture our minds with great thoughts, stay true to our principles, live passionately, and to stop putting these resolutions off for some other time.


If the chord progressions in this tune remind you of Miles Davis' "Flamenco Sketches," it, too, was based on Lenny's "Some Other Time." 

The story goes that Bill suggested to Miles they take the progression and do it in several tonal centers, thus the brilliant "Flamenco Sketches" was born. 

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

Ellen Troyer, with Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff

Here is jazz singer Jane Monheit's version of "Some Other Time" for those of you not familiar with this thoughtful wake-up call poetic lyric. 


And, for all you jazz lovers, Miles Davis "Flamenco Sketches" from his Kind of Blue album. I'm sure Lenny, Bill and Miles would appreciate your listening to this iconic jazz tune one more time. Bill Evans is playing the piano on this piece and you can clearly hear "Some Other Time."


Jazz musicians don't "cover" great tunes written by others, they reinterpret them.