Strawless in September

August 25, 2017 - September 30, 2017

Colorado Springs, CO, Corporate Office

Stop Sucking on Plastic Straws

You don't have to see the ocean to protect the ocean. 

—Colorado Ocean Coalition

Colorado Springs-based Biosyntrx, Inc., will go ​strawless​​​ ​in September to help protect the oceans. We are passionately committed to heath, fitness, aging well, and the sustainability of life on a healthy planet. We are not anti-straw, we’re anti single-use plastics.

Ditching plastic straws seems to be gaining more and more steam amongst business owners who are concerned about their impact on the environment, but we have some much, much bigger news in this arena. The city of Seattle has announced they will forgo plastic straws for the entire month of September. They are now being joined by a number of other cities, companies, and a growing number of individuals.


The initiative for the city to abandon straws was initiated by an organization started by actor Adrian Grenier dedicated to marine wildlife education.Their delightfully fun latest campaign involves asking people to accept their challenge to "Stop Sucking."

As a part of the initiative, businesses and “cultural icons” have committed to using marine degradable alternatives to the usual single-use straws made out of plastic. Biosyntrx has elected to do the same in the ophthalmic sector. We will invite ophthalmic “thought leaders” and individual users of our products to join us in our corporate and individual quest to help save our seas and the animals therein from plastic, including plastic straws.


The campaign is meant to result in a “radical reduction of plastic straw consumption.” It is also the first project of its kind and will support Strawless Ocean’s initiative to remove 500 million plastic straws from the U.S. waste stream in 2017.


For more information on how you individually, or your city, town or company can join the free "Stop Sucking" program visit  Lonely Whale Foundation. 

Ellen Troyer, Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff

Major Kudos to Dell for their commitment to social good, clean seas, and to the Lonely Whale Foundation. For this, we are grateful.