Press Release

Press Release

Supplement Industry Leaders Join Forces

April 02, 2008

Lexington, South Carolina - Biosyntrx Inc. and other select industry members of the nonprofit Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the Washington DC "science behind the supplements" trade association, have joined forces to better educate the 150 million consumers, from all walks of life, who are concerned about their health.

"The supplement industry is highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. But it can frequently be an uphill battle to counter press portrayals of supplements as part of an "alternative lifestyle," reported CRN.

"Dietary supplements are embraced not only by 150 million Americans, but, by doctors and other healthcare professionals. They take dietary supplements even more than the general population, and they recommend them to their patients. We view well-designed dietary supplements as important players in disease prevention and main stream medicine," said Ellen Troyer, Biosyntrx Chief Research Officer.

The 2008 Biosyntrx education focus is on the three pillars of wellness: a healthy diet, supplements, and physical activity or exercise.

"Dietary supplements need to be consistently incorporated over a long term and they need to be part of a preventive health program," said Larry Alexander, OD, FAAO, the education director of the newly formed Optometric Nutrition Society,

Dr. Alexander went on to say, "The aging population has dietary needs that diet alone does not address, so we, and many other concerned health professionals, are reminding this group that they may need to take dietary supplements to provide micronutrients they need to prevent or slow the progression of degenerative disease."

Individual studies can be very confusing to consumers, who are told to do one thing one day, and then when a new study comes out they are told something different. CRN is the media’s science-based go-to voice for the supplement industry. With each report, CRN strives to explain to the media and the public that well-informed doctors remain the best source of information for consumers about health.

Ellen Troyer, MT MA, became a voting member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition in May, 2007.

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Joe Kirkland
Chief Operating Officer
Biosyntrx, Inc