Press Release

Press Release

BioTears Patent Granted

April 28, 2006

Biosyntrx Receives US Patent for BioTears Oral GelCaps Dry Eye
LEXINGTON, S.C., April 28 2006 /PRNewswire/
- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded patent #7,029,712 to Biosyntrx's BioTears Oral GelCaps(R), a dry eye, tear film integrity formulation.

Nutrients included in the BioTears oral formulation have been suggested in clinical studies to systemically control the inflammatory process associated with dry eye syndrome (tear film dysfunction). These nutrients also increase levels of tear lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein that inhibits viral, bacterial and fungal growth on the ocular surface.

"This is particularly important to the contact lens wearer," said Ellen Troyer, MT MA, Biosyntrx's chief research officer and BioTears co-inventor. "The BioTears formulation has also been suggested to improve visual acuity after cataract and refractive surgery, particularly following LASIK or implantation of multi-focal intraocular lens." Sufficient lubricating tears are critical to eye health and visual clarity, as well as being the first-line protection for the ocular surface.

Spencer Thornton, MD, Nashville; president of Biosyntrx and BioTears co- inventor, calls BioTears a "breakthrough formula." BioTears are recommended by thousands of eye care professionals and sold through their offices or through the Biosyntrx web site, BioTears Oral GelCaps are distributed in 37 countries.

Market Scope's 2004 Report on the Global Dry Eye Market projects that dry eye therapeutics and exciting diagnostic technologies now under development will propel the dry eye market segment to $1.45 billion by 2010.

Biosyntrx, Inc., a privately funded, vision-focused nutraceutical company, is based in Lexington, SC, with research offices in Colorado Springs, CO. Its primary products are BioTears Oral GelCaps(R) and two full-spectrum multiples, Macula Complete(R) and Oculair(R). Biosyntrx is committed to proving the science that supports each formulation.