Press Release

Press Release

Ellen Troyer to Join Hawaiian eye Foundation Scientific Advisory Board

March 17, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 |

Biosyntrx Inc., a privately held nutrition science company with major emphases on ocular and full-body health, as well as nutrition science and lifestyle education for both eye care professionals and the general public, has announced that Ellen Troyer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Research Officer of Biosyntrx, has been elected to the Scientific Advisory Board of The Hawaiian Eye Foundation.

In addition to Ms. Troyer, three more ophthalmic women leaders have been appointed to join Sheri Boston and Tyrie Jenkins, MD, on the 17 member Scientific Advisory Board of The Hawaiian Eye Foundation, including:

  • Candy Simerson, President and Chief Operational Officer of Minnesota Eye Consultants
  • Jane Shuman, President of Eyetechs
  • Helen Wu, MD, Director of Refractive Surgery Service at New England Eye Center

“Exceptional nonprofit boards, like the Hawaiian Eye Foundation, recognize that diversity is essential to expanding reach and overall organization success. The election of four more women to join the Scientific Advisory Board is truly groundbreaking,” said Ellen Troyer. “Research strongly suggests that the best nonprofit boards are composed of individuals who bring a variety of skills, perspectives, backgrounds and resources to tackle the complex and strategic challenges how confronting their organizations.